Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The first guitar effect- DeArmond Trem-trol

I purchased this 1946-48 DeArmond tremolo from a guy in france as not working.   Basically all I did was fill the canister with "hydro fluid" and it works and sounds great.  I want to build one.

Some good info here http://www.danformosa.com/dearmond.html

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Next Fuzz!

Soon to be added to the line of fuzz is based on the Tonebender 3.  The originals are the Vox MkIII or Sola sound 3 knob.  Another early version based on the Vox and Sola Sound is the Park Fuzz Sound and Carlsbro fuzz.
I was lucky enough to score many superb (and probably the last) 1972 Toshiba 2sb415 transistors.  Originally these where purchased for fuzz face type builds but most didn't have high enough hfe.
These are perfect for this circuit they produce super thick smooth sounding fuzz. 
I have been buying as many early Japanese transistors as I can find over the years as they are a great sounding transistor and usually stable. 
Most of the good sounding NKT 275's where restamped Japanese 2sb series transistors.  Either way they still sounded good they just cost more.   I think the fakes have now been all used up I haven't come across any in years.  (See http://www.fulltone.com/NKT_forgery.html)

Notice the green base material... Cool. 

Friday, July 1, 2011

Transit Yellow Fuzz Sample

Rave On Buddy Holly tribute album inspired fuzz sample
Recorded with hollowbody humbucker neck pickup, sm57 mic, 2-3 watt tube amp and fender 63 RI reverb unit.  Guitar volume roll down in the begining to show how it cleans up with humbuckers.

Transit Yellow Fuzz Sample

Black Keys style fuzz sample
Recorded with Hollowbody w/humbuckers bridge pickup, ext reverb, small tube amp.
First bypassed, fuzz on at 0:13 then guitar volume rolled backed and back full on.