Thursday, September 8, 2011


In my an earlier post I mentioned the ToneBender Mark III style fuzz would be avaliable next.  But I have been prototyping a Burns Buzzaround and acquired a box of 1960's Newmarket NKT214 in the original packaging unopened!  The Burns Buzzaround used a trio of NKT213's So I tried the NKT214's After miner tweaks and getting the transistor values and leakages figured out for what where and why.   I ended up using two of the NKT214's and a Mullard black glass OC71.  I did try some 2sb series transistors in place of the OC71 with good results.    Its basiscally what I would want my vintage buzzaround to sound like.  So I am going to hold off on the Mark3 and concetrate on the Buzz(around)Fuzz because it is my favorite pedal for now.