Thursday, January 5, 2012

RIP Sean Bonniwell

I found out last week that Sean Bonniwell past away he was in his 70's.  Heres a description from Wiki about his band.
The Music Machine (1965–1969) was an American garage rock and psychedelic (sometimes referred to as garage punk) band from the late 1960s, headed by singer-songwriter Sean Bonniwell and based in Los Angeles. The band sound was often defined by fuzzy guitars and a Farfisa organ. Their original look consisted of all-black clothing, (dyed) black moptop hairstyles and a single black glove.

I emailed Sean back in 09' regarding their fuzz sound.  He was nice enough to respond with some information and a Qoute from their lead guitar player.

"With The Music Machine, the bands vision was to record & play looking & sounding like no one who'd come before. Our own look & our own sound!!.. Sean Bonniwell (lead singer/ songwriter/ bandleader), Keith Olsen (bass), Ron Edgar (drums), Doug Rhodes (keyboards), & myself all agreed...
Keith was already an engineer, & set about designing & building our own fuzzbox for our own sound... We also tuned way down to D or Db for a more gutteral overall sound... After The Music Machine, I switched to a "Fuzzface"
Mark Landon, Lead guitar, The Music Machine
If you click on
and view the MM video of "Talk Talk" (and others under 'Vintage Videos), you'll see the guitars we used (other than Guild).
Please free to contact us anytime, the garage is always open..
In God we trust,
Sean Bonniwell

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